3D High
Point Clouds

Get 3D pointclounds and orthophotos simultaneously to provide perfect dataset alignment and higher resolution elevation data, down to 2cm/pixel. Faster processing times & lower cost acquisition. 

It's never been easier to go 3D!


Count objects, measure heights, track species change & growth. These are tasks ideally suited to automated processing. See our projects page for more on how we counted 20,000+ fish or 18,000+ trees in minutes.

automated object identification
gigapixel photography

Gigapixel Photography

Traditional air photo techniques use expensive, custom high resolution cameras to take pictures from around 20,000ft. This provides a large area coverage, but has the problem of reduced clarity images due to atmospheric (weather) interference. This makes the images appear blurry or washed out. By taking thousands of photos and stitching them together, we get a more accurate image geo-spatially, and no atmospheric interference.


CAIS - Chemometric Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy New from our R&D labs. This product is under top-secret development. However, the concept is simple. Use spectroscopy from the air to detect chemicals as small as 2ppm. Imagine being able to find gas/oil leaks in seconds and accurately locating the source, location and size. With up to 200 simultaneous chemicals in the carbon band, the uses for this technology are nearly infinite. "Set sensors to long range scan" the future is coming.

Chemometric Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy