An aerial photograph that has been geometrically corrected (orthorectified) so that the scale of the photograph is uniform, meaning that the photo can be considered equivalent to a map.


DTM - Digital Terrain Model

Provides a bare earth representation of terrain or surface topography in 3D. The foundation of our mapping system, representing a continuous surface where all of the objects (man made,vegetation etc.) are removed.

Digital Terrain Model

DEM - Digital Elevation Model

Aerial photographs are used to compile a DEM, a series of X,Y,Z coordinates (3D) that accurately depict ground elevations including vegetation and man made objects. The result is a dense grid of elevation points that accurately define the entire terrain model.

Digital Elevation Model

3D Modelling - 3D Point Cloud

Developed from an image that appears "flat" in nature to a "real world" representation that includes width, depth, height, and even textures.

3D Modelling

Automated Detection & Counts

A proprietary, software-based image analysis program used to automatically identify, count and measure selected groups of objects - including GPS co-ordinates and object characteristics.

automatically identify, count and measure

Plant Height Model – ASAP GeomatiX exclusive design!

Using our automated software program to determine the height, spatial distribution, and canopy attributes. Improving cost efficiency by reducing collection time and boosting productivity in the agricultural and forestry industries in particular.

Plant Height Model

Multi-spectral Analysis - ENDVI,EVI,NDVI,NIR,IR

Designed to enhance the vegetation signal with improved sensitivity in high biomass regions. Improving vegetation monitoring through an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity. One of the most commonly used vegetation indices it is based on the observation that different surfaces reflect different types of light differently.

Improving vegetation monitoring

Landfill/Stockpile/Volume Calculation

Calculate the volume of material between two terrains or surfaces as well as pile volume and cut and fill calculations.

Watershed / Irrigation Analysis

An overland flow path model that indicates flow in an identified basin retention of an area, This system helps provide technical information in relation to natural watershed processes and to predict the impacts of alternative management scenarios for decision makers.

watershed irrigation analysis

Elevation Contours

Data collected over an area used to determine elevation or altitude and depth on maps. From these contours, a sense of the general terrain can be established.

elevation contours

Online Hosting

A dedicated, low-cost way to access all of your data resources.  Now the entire team can interact with the data sets securely and easily.  Overlay maps and upgrade deliverables with a simple point and click feature from the job site easily on your phone or tablet.

Custom PDF Maps

Once your digital maps have been completed this service provides a hard copy in PDF format for sharing, editing and display.

custom PDF maps

WMTS Hosting - Web Map Tile Service

Focuses on rendering custom maps and is an ideal solution for dynamic data or custom styled maps. Tiles are rendered on our server and then cached client-side. This reduces waiting time and bandwidth limitations.

Web Map Tile Service