ASAP GeomatiX aerial imagery mapping provides industry-leading resolution for a complete overview of your project.  


Our aerial mapping technique integrates numerous data-sets into a simple composite layer in a Geographical Information System (GIS). Using a rapid and relatively low cost process when compared to LiDAR, making it a straightforward method of identifying areas which may be particularly sensitive. Imagery taken at 0.77cm/pixel resolution combined with threshold mapping and ASAP GeomatiX proprietary methods used to indicate and automatically count objects proven to provide returns at greater than 95%.


OLS Approach AnalysisAirports

ASAP GeomatiX  - No object missed - OLS Approach Analysis Mapping ensures complete compliance.


  1. Aerial Approach Analysis report; All information provided as per project requirements and processes.
  2. 3D point cloud provided with our Stereoscopic Giga-Pixel imagery
  3. Colour Ortho Imagery @ 5-10cm/Pixel resolution over OLS and AOI
  4. DTM Model and slope analysis configured to 2m contours. (unless otherwise specified)
  5. Tree tops with max. heights penetrating into OLS will be numbered and deltas indicated.
  6. Any obstacle obstructions penetrating OLS will be indicated and deltas provided.
  7. 2m DEM and 3D modelling required to complete our Aerial Tree Count Analysis included.
  8. Vertical obstruction analysis provided for all objects indicated in the OLS approach path and any objects/trees indicated in the AOI that may be of concern given their characteristics.
  9. PDF Maps of the area for reference and hard copy prints for planning purposes.
  10. All Data files provided on an encrypted in GIS format with online subscription for convenience
  11. Aerial Data Capture and subsequent compliance follow up flight (discounted)

airport markers

 vineyard viticulturistsVineyards

ASAP GeomatiX works with vineyard managers and viticulturists tailoring a custom program to meet the specifics needs of individual vineyards.

Using tools like multi-spectral cameras that use visible blue, visible green and near infrared data (EVI, NDVI and ENDVI or Enhanced Normalized Differential Vegetation index) we have developed software to improve accuracy and by removing the base layer of grass and organic matter we increase the focus on the actual vine and canopy vigour.

Read our 'Sky to Soil' feature in Douglas Magazine!



ASAP GeomatiX Tree height and canopy measurements - An ASAP exclusive design!

Estimating the value and uses of timber is an important part of the broader information required to sustain ecosystems. using our comprehensive aerial mapping system to monitor the state and dynamics of forests, our exclusive proprietary software automates tree counts and heights to determine average growth rates for free to grow areas as well as monitoring your timber blocks and rotation period accurately and quickly. Unlike expensive LiDAR systems we process the data quickly and deliver all of the information on a common online format the entire team can review easily.